Monday, 9 January 2012


1. Penguins are found only in the Southern Hemisphere. The northernmost penguin species is the Galapagos penguin, which lives year-round near the equator. 

2. Penguins lost the ability to fly millions of years ago, but their powerful flipper-like wings and streamlined bodies make them very accomplished swimmers.

3. While swimming, penguins will leap above the surface of the water. This coats their plumage with tiny bubbles that reduce friction, allowing them to swim as fast as 20 miles per hour (32 kph).

4. Penguins’ eyes work better underwater than they do in the air, giving them superior eyesight to spot prey while hunting, even in cloudy or murky water.

5. The emperor penguin is the largest of the penguin species and can weigh up to 90 pounds. The fairy penguin is the smallest and weighs only 2 pounds. Depending on the species, a wild penguin can live 15-20 years

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