Monday, 9 January 2012

Cave of Shallows:

Cave of Shallows:
Cave of Swallows is a natural abyss located in the state of San Luis Potosi. This cave of karst origin was formed by the water of limestone plain. The entrance measures approximately 205 feet. The entrance provides a free fall of 1220 feet to the cave’s bottom. Its interior is conical in shape; the bottom has 990 feet in diameter. These measurements make it the second deepest cave in Mexico and the 11th in the world.
The vertical position of this cave makes it very popular for those who enjoy rapell, which takes a few minutes to the bottom and more than an hour to ascend back to the surface. Inside the cave temperature are cold and during raining season, the entrance of the cave is flooded by waterfalls.
Descending to the cave requires experience, special equipment and permits. However, people enjoy the extraordinary ritual of the sparrows and conures when they return at dawn; visiting the surrounding and photography, observing the flora and fauna in its habitat.

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