Saturday, 19 November 2011

Neutrino beats Einstein brain

Over a century ago Albert Einstein had imposed a cosmic speed limit which was in his special theory of relativity. It says that nothing can be faster than the speed of light i.e 299,792 km per second. But an experimental observation has wobbled this speed limit. In according the physicists subatomic particles like neutrinos can go faster than light.
Yesterday the physicists produced these neutrinos at the underground laboratory of European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN at Geneva, Switzerland. These subatomic particles were flitted from there an it arrived at the gran Sasso laboratory, 730 km away from Geneva, near about 62 nanosecond ahead of light.
According to the researchers of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics, this new attempt has over-looped the potential effects of the neutrinos which could influence the measurements of them.
 source: Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics
This stunning result of the experiment improved the confidence level of the physicists than the earlier measurements because they have used neutrinos in three nanoseconds launched which spaced excluding 524 nanoseconds and this protocol had more accurate measurements about the velocity.
Corresponding the September’s result the physicists had to study 15000 neutrinos traveling this 730 km from Geneva to Gran Sasso. But the new and accurate result helps them to study “only 20 clean events”

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